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Creative life at Tianzifang Soho Street The metropolis Shanghai never falls short of night colors or shopping fiesta. You would ever feel bored with Shanghai as it provides too many shopping streets, bar streets and leisure plazas. You can go strolling at Nanjing Road, or take some sips at Xintiandi, or explore the creative lifestyle at Tianzifang. Top Shanghai Attractions The Bund: Regarded as the symbol of Shanghai and an epitome of Shanghai’s history; famous for various styles of magnificent buildings and a marvelous view for the landmarks of the city. Landmark of Shanghai and the tallest completed tower in Asia; applys Chinese elements in design, and features a breathtaking bird’s eye view on the tower. The earliest and most prosperous shopping street in Shanghai dating back to the s; offering all-in-one shopping centers, gorgeous restaurants and spectacular night views over this area.

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Less than an hour away from Shanghai by train, Suzhou is known as a top tourist destination in China—worth visiting for a couple of days if you can fit it into your travel itinerary. So take a gondola ride through the canals and chill out with some tea as you listen to water babbling down the rocks and into the gardens before merging into peaceful frog ponds. But still, the city is still attractively photogenic with plenty of these tourist-friendly gardens dotted around Suzhou to enjoy—about 60 remaining compared to their heyday when there were some privately owned gardens.

Occupying a strategic position on the Grand Canal, Suzhou quickly became a major trading center for silk and other goods.

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Chris St Cavish recommends three noodle restaurants to seek out in scenic Suzhou. It starts in Shanghai and ends not that far away. Let me tell you about it. They are thin and often mushy, the soup is insipid, and they are all about the toppings. Go into a noodle shop and the choices are basically stir-fried dishes sitting on top of noodles in dishwater. Kung pao chicken noodles. Stir-fried julienned pork and peppers noodles. You wanted fettuccine alfredo, not a pizza.

You wanted kung pao chicken, not noodles. My big mistake was believing this topping problem or, ahem, you might say bottoming problem was regional. I love the noodles of Shanxi, of Sichuan, of Xibei, of Guangdong. Shanghai always left me a little cold.

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The pagoda’s main structure dates from the Song dynasty, but its foundations supposedly date to the Three Kingdoms era AD — Towering ft 76 m high, it is octagonal in shape, and has sharply upturned eaves. Visitors can climb right to the top, from where there are good views of the city, including Xuanmiao Guan and the Ruiguang Pagoda see Pan Men Scenic Area. Suzhou Silk Museum 9am—4: It traces the history of silk production see and its use from its beginnings in about BC to the present day.

Many community members worried that the library would become a tourist attraction, causing particular problems with traffic congestion.

Riverboats on the Yangtze stop at Suzhou. See Along the Yangtze River. Shanghai-Shimonoseki Ferry [36] , Japan or China , thrice weekly service. Most of the major sights are located within this area. The main long-distance transport hubs are located along this road, and bus 10 runs in a complete loop of the ring road.

The two main cross-town avenues are Renmin Lu north-south and Ganjiang Lu east-west.

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Muslim restaurants are known as “qingzhen restaurants” “pure truth restaurants” , and feature typical Chinese dishes, but without any pork products, and instead an emphasis on lamb and mutton. Gansu has many works of Buddhist art, including the Maijishan Grottoes. Dunhuang was a major centre of Buddhism in the Middle Ages. Main hall of a Chan temple of Lanzhou.

Temple of the Chenghuangshen City God of Lanzhou. Village temple in Linxia County.

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The building is located on the eastern side of the city and adjacent to Lake Jinji, with the design serving as a focal point for a new central business district as well as a gateway looking towards the historic city center. The archway also functionally splits the building with residential use on one side and commercial offices, hotel and a museum on the other.

The two towers are then structurally joined at the top, the uppermost floor of which contains an indoor atrium landscaped with a Suzhou style garden. Both towers were framed with composite structures featuring a reinforced concrete core and a perimeter of large steel columns. Directly above the 7 story podium base, the columns flanking the void begin tapering inward towards the center.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: It is situated on the southern section of the Grand Canal on a generally flat, low-lying plain between the renowned Lake Tai to the west and the vast Shanghai metropolis to the east. Surrounded by canals on all four sides and crisscrossed by minor canals, the city controls the Yangtze River Chang Jiang delta area north and northeast of Lake Tai. Suzhou is a place of great beauty, with lakes, rivers, ponds, world-famous gardens, and a string of scenic hills along the eastern shore of the lake.

It also lies at the centre of some of the richest agricultural land in China. History The traditional founding date of Suzhou is bce, when a city with the approximate boundaries of the present-day one was established by the ruler of the state of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Chunqiu period — bce of the Dong Eastern Zhou dynasty. Under the Qin dynasty — bce it became the seat of a county, Wuxian, and of the Kuaiji commandery, which controlled most of present-day Jiangsu south of the Yangtze and Zhejiang province.

The name Suzhou dates from ce, when the Sui dynasty — conquered southern China. With the building of the Grand Canal, Suzhou became an administrative and commercial centre for an area that rapidly developed into the major rice-surplus region of China. Under the Song — and the Yuan — dynasties , Suzhou continued to flourish. In the 13th century the Venetian traveler Marco Polo visited it and commented on its splendours.

Wusong River and Suzhou Creek gave the city direct access to the sea, and for a while Suzhou was a port for foreign shipping, until the silting of the Yangtze River delta and the irrigation and reclamation works that went on continually impeded access. The home of many wealthy landowning families, it became a centre for scholarship and the arts.

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They also found wealth in the sale of medicinal herbs, the family stressed the importance of helping the less fortunate. The family eventually included five children. As a boy, Pei was very close to his mother, a devout Buddhist who was recognized for her skills as a flautist. She invited him, his brothers, and his sisters to join her on meditation retreats. Their interactions were respectful but distant.

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Your browser does not support iframes. Bars in Suzhou Loading Shiquan Street is the main bar area. It is also the entertainment district for guys looking for a little conversation with gals.

The community is a great place to learn about destinations, make friends, and share your experiences.

Love sites in Suzhou chinadaily. There are still plenty of sites preserved that are related to some historic legends. However, the blast furnace failed to melt the metal. Mo Ye suggested that there was insufficient human qi in the furnace so the couple cut their hair and nails and cast them into the furnace, while children helped to blow air into the bellows. In another account, Mo Ye sacrificed herself to increase human qi by throwing herself into the furnace.

The desired result was achieved after three years and the two swords were named after the couple. The king was angered when he discovered Gan Jiang had kept one of the swords so he had Gan Jiang killed. Before his death, Gan Jiang had already predicted the king’s reaction, so he left behind a message for Mo Ye and their unborn son telling them where he had hidden the Ganjiang Sword.

Several months later, Mo Ye gave birth to Gan Jiang’s son, Chi, and years later she told him his father’s story. Chi was eager to avenge his father and he sought out the Ganjiang Sword. At the same time, the king dreamed of a youth who desired to kill him and, in fear, he placed a bounty on the youth’s head. Chi was indignant and, filled with anguish, he started crying on his way to enact his vengeance.

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