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The customs and practices referred to were the naval equivalent of the unwritten common law of Great Britain; and your persona is legally bound to conform to the law of the land, of which a large part is not recorded in statute form. The study of naval customs and traditions of to , like the study of the larger body of history itself, is not an exact science, and the material stated herein is the product of much research, substantiated by at least some evidence, and the assistance of the noted authority on the subject, LTCMD A. Refer to the graphical course “Orientation to Frigate Design” for general shipboard terms, such as the term “Orlop” deck. From the Norse came the use of a single steering oar or sweep on the right or steer board side of their vessels. Everyone followed this design. It was found awkward to put a vessel alongside a dock on the side this oar was shipped. Thus ships were put alongside starboard side outboard.

Royal Navy confirms nuclear alarm going off at naval base was a false alarm

It never was worth while, so Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, And smile, smile, smile! Home to all the squaddies and squadettes. Their main weapon is the L85A2 assault rifle some military people will look at you funny if you call it the SA80 as the SA80 refers to a family of weapons including the standard issue rifle, carbine, light support weapon and cadet rifle , which is rather short and can’t be fired left-handed unless a face full of hot cartridge casings is your idea of fun.

Despite this, since recent upgrades by HK the rifle has been noted as one of the most accurate and reliable service rifles around. Not named the “Royal Army” because it is descended from the institutions established by the “New Model Army” which fought for Parliament against the King in the seventeenth century civil wars, unlike the navy. There are “Royal” units in the Army, but they are regiments, divisions, even corps, rather than the Army as a whole, e.

Recently bailed the SAS out of a rather tight spot.

October 18, In perspective: Unless you were aboard HMS Sheffield between Despite the supposedly reliable evidence of the board of enquiry now available, we should exercise caution when passing quick judgments on the actions of men on the frontline 35 years ago. Theoretically, the statements of fact recorded during the BOI should be accurate, but years later some of its contents are still contested by those who were there.

What is certain is that there were failures at many levels that led to the destruction of Sheffield. Who should be blamed and to whether blame should be apportioned at all is a complex matter. Something wrong with our bloody ships In the RN was primarily an anti-submarine navy, much of its institutional focus was on the threat posed by the Soviets and in particular their submarines.

The ASW focus had resulted in a navy that retained a broad spectrum of capability, but the heavy investment in its critical nuclear submarines had contributed to a surface fleet that was inadequately armed and equipped. The main Sea Dart system was usually very effective against medium and high altitude targets but the fire control radars did not have the ability to successfully track low-level targets.

No Royal Navy ‘cover-up’ in Charles Howeson case, jury told

Why are certain Western women so into celebrating it? Now, the inflow of women into the organisation is not even at 10 per cent. Cdr Ablett is at pains to stress just how included women are already made to feel in the Royal Navy. It is something I can personally verify being close to a successful woman in the Navy, hearing regularly about her exciting professional life.

We women do feel very included in the Royal Navy.

These days they are mostly used by the Army Reserves in a light recce or fast attack role similar to the American Light Strike Vehicles.

This is a common tactic by the MoD and used to rebaseline spending on assessment phases that produce nothing. This also confirmed an extension for the Sea Kings out to and that it would be fitted to existing Merlin HM. The Assessment Phase was to run from March to April , when the main investment approval decision would be made, leaving a couple of years before the Sea Kings went out of service. If the project overshoots this then the Royal Navy will face a capability gap. Other reports had the numbers of pods at 2 and others at 4, all managed using the Cerberus mission system.

In the 2 pod solution, they would be mechanically steered to increase their field of regard in order to achieve degree coverage. A couple of mounting options emerged but ultimately, the stores pylon was chosen. Whilst there are no doubt any number of advantages to using the latest AESA technology the bottom line is that Searchwater and Cerberus are actually pretty damned good in any case and would arguably have been the cheaper, quicker and lower risk solution in comparison with the AESA option.

The Royal Navy will form them into a single squadron, NAS, announced here CROWSNEST was originally intended to enter the assessment phase in with a target in-service date of but this was accelerated in in order to coincide with the Sea King OSD, commenting on the decision, Phillip Dunne said; Crowsnest will provide vital surveillance and intelligence to protect the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

The introduction of Crowsnest 18 months early will ensure HMS Queen Elizabeth has the full range of capabilities when it enters service. This announcement is a good example of improved financial management in MoD allowing us to respond to new requirements as they arise. And this brings us back to today. Sea King systems transferred into Merlin. Anyone who has ever done any DIY is familiar with the concept of; Measure twice, cut once At a fundamental level, this is exactly what the Assessment Phase is there to do, make sure that decisions are based on sound information and that money is not wasted, scarce and precious money.

In perspective: the loss of HMS Sheffield

Meanwhile a fault with the engines of the Type 45s has been discovered, with a contract to fix the problem not likely to be awarded until next year. It could be the only time Britain has been without a major warship at sea in the Navy’s year history, with sources claiming they could not remember this ever happening before. It emerged on Tuesday that the vessel, the largest and most expensive in the Royal Navy’s history, has a leak.

Helicopter carrier HMS Ocean, the fleet’s flagship, is due to arrive back in Devonport after its final deployment before being decommissioned in

A few minutes later, several of the robbers were dead and the rest were running for their lives.

Hi all Well, here I am talking to unknown people from the other side of the globe. I am trying to trace my father who was a Royal Marine during WW2, and served in Trincomalee, Ceylon, among other places. Before someone comes up with the wise crack ‘It’s not unusual’ I figure that you guys are the real McCoy, and that you marines may know of an angle for tracing that I have not thought of.

I wrote to HMS Centurion back in , and although helpful, without unit and regiment numbers etc Times may have changed, and I have written to them and other departments again. But if anyone here can come up with some leads, or suggestions, I would be grateful. This stuff is boring, I know, but it also important for myself and my son Aidan , so that we understand our past links to England.

I have a half brother called ‘Vincent’ out there somewhere who has no idea I exist Here he fathered a son Vincent. As a child I remember playing with medals that were my fathers, but being a child I gave them away, not realising their importance I kick myself now, because on the back was probably the info I now need. Is there a record of issued medals somewhere..??

Thomas Jones was no war hero

The National Shipbuilding Strategy report – a roadmap for a stronger Royal Navy

Steve Johnson’s “CyberHeritage International” Downloadable high quality images on most sites – ideal for schools, students, researchers and all who love history – Freely given to the world – Heritage sans frontieres Historical advisor to BBC. Alternative scan here and a lovely wild orchid growing on site is here. Please note that this is the best scan I can do.

The two sailing vessel photos are from the CD collections, see below notices , sample images can be downloaded by clicking on them – about 1.

The Gurkha was armed only with his kukri.

Share Naval sources said the Spanish incursion appeared to have been a deliberate provocation. Last week the Royal Navy was in a ‘standoff’ with a Spanish police boat and a trawler in Gibraltar. This map shows how a Royal Navy boat had to chase out a Spanish vessel that blocked the route of the USNS Carson City this morning The Spanish trawler was fishing illegally in UK waters for third day in a row which led to several British vessels chasing off both Spanish boats after a warning.

In April this year, British vessels were forced to chase off Spanish navy ships on three separate occasions. The rocky enclave at the tip of the Iberian peninsula has been a British territory – and cause of friction between the U. Alfonso Dastis said Spain would not ‘jeopardise’ any future deal by making demands to alter the British overseas territory’s status.

Prime Minister Theresa May reacted to those suggestions by insisting Gibraltar’s status was not up for discussion during withdrawal negotiations. Gibraltar was captured by Britain in and ceded to Britain in under the treaty. In a referendum, Gibraltarians rejected by 98 percent a proposal for joint British-Spanish sovereignty. Gibraltar’s government claims Spanish warships regularly trespass in its waters. Share or comment on this article.

In perspective: the loss of HMS Sheffield

The 34 recommendations are eminently sensible and the report has generated at least temporarily, a warm and fuzzy feeling of consensus and optimism. The actual NSS, due to be announced by government in Spring , and its implementation will of course, define whether this has been a worthwhile exercise. Sir John politely points out the greatest reforms are needed at the MoD, although he recognises there are some talented individuals within what must be a difficult workplace.

The structural failings in strategy, management, financing and accountability within defence procurement have been apparent to even a casual observer for many years. Before UK warship construction woes can be dealt with, a ruthless restructuring of project management practice in the MoD and navy is required.

The Pipe the Side call itself is performed twice, once as the boat draws alongside the ship’s accommodation ladder, and again as the officer mounts the ladder and steps inboard; the procedure is reversed at his departure.

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