The reports that aksganesha. I am glad I got to know about this website as it helped me a lot. After using a lot of its services already, I thot of using its gun milan services when the talks of marriage started to make rounds. Needless to say it told me almost every possible aspect of a marriage which would take place in the near future. By Dyuti Shah Bishnoi, Student, Gujarat I manglik and the one I love non manglik and parents rejecting but then I talk to astrologer and he clarified that the match is good and talked to my parents even, they were convinced and now I am getting married. Thank you Abhishek ji. I tried their other free services and they are very good.

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Should I go for Job or Business? What Business is suitable for me? Am I taking the right Decision regarding my Finance? What would be the repercussion?

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From onwards, each successive opposition brings it slightly closer to the Earth, increasing its apparent size each time. Saturn’s apparent magnitude brightness reached a low point when the Earth passed through the planet’s ring-plane in For Northern hemisphere observers the situation is even better: The planet will reach its most Northerly point in the zodiac some six months later, in April However, not all planetary conjunctions will be visible from the Earth because many of them take place too close to the Sun.

Furthermore, not all of them will be seen from across the world; the observers’ latitude will affect the altitude angle above the horizon at which the two planets are seen at the time of the event, and the local season will affect the sky brightness at that particular time. A flat, unobstructed horizon will normally be required to observe most of them. The majority of conjunctions involving Saturn are not particularly spectacular to view because the planet is usually positioned far away from the Earth – and is therefore not especially bright – whenever they occur.

In both of these instances twilight is often a problem, the lighter sky diminishing the visual impact of the conjunction Saturn looking like an ordinary, pale-yellow star.


When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As a Virgo you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive. Finding yourself frequently alone and unable to keep friends for more than a few weeks.

There is plenty of challenge built into the day that should balance things out from all of this extraordinary expansion.

However, there are alternative options on the market, many of which offer better value, added flexibility and superior audio quality. The base station connects to your PC or console and houses the wireless transmitter to communicate with the headset. The geniuses at Astro have cleverly designed the A50 to seat magnetically when docked, which results in a seamless experience. Simply drop the headset into the dock when not in use, and it will always have plenty of charge.

Eagle Magpie The A50 is available in a few variants, since the PS4 connects in a slightly different manner to the Xbox version. PC users can opt for either, but console owners will need to pick up the correct version for full functionality. Note that the PS4 version sports a black and blue design, whereas the Xbox version is very green. The A50 appears to have been built to last; the headset is constructed from tough matte plastic, and is held together with two metallic side pieces.

The uppermost section of the headset is flexible, so can be raised and lowered, and the it can also be stretched to fit wider heads. For a wireless headset with a reported 15 hours of battery life, the unit feels surprisingly light on the head.


As with most Baader Planetarium accessories, even our reducers offer features and quality not found in any other commonly available products. This reducer will allow you to upsize your. Our reducer incorporates filter threads, and is the only. Now, you can finally make use of nebula and colored filters with your quality. Why it took this long to finally get this feature to market, we’ll never know Now, you can make use of the numerous high quality.

Saturn gives mixed results.

What is this site about, who created it, and why? Based on the literature review and these results, we proposed guidelines regarding appropriate procedures for assessment and reporting of this important aspect of content analysis. This supplemental online resource contains: What is intercoder reliability?

Although in its generic use as an indication of measurement consistency this term is appropriate and is used here, Tinsley and Weiss , note that the more specific term for the type of consistency required in content analysis is intercoder or interrater agreement. Why should content analysis researchers care about intercoder reliability?

As Neuendorf notes, “given that a goal of content analysis is to identify and record relatively objective or at least intersubjective characteristics of messages, reliability is paramount. Without the establishment of reliability, content analysis measures are useless” p. Kolbe and Burnett write that “interjudge reliability is often perceived as the standard measure of research quality. High levels of disagreement among judges suggest weaknesses in research methods, including the possibility of poor operational definitions, categories, and judge training” p.

A distinction is often made between the coding of manifest content, information “on the surface,” and latent content under these surface elements.

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Planets are termed natural benefics and natural malefics. If Mercury joins a natural malefic, he does not remain auspicious. As regards the Moon, she is auspicious from 10th day of dark fortnight through the 5th day of bright fortnight. Apart from the above, planets are classified as favourable and adverse based on births under the 12 different ascendants. These are narrated below: Pure benefics are Jupiter and the Sun.

For Northern hemisphere observers the situation is even better:

Filters Baader Planetarium has taken astronomical filtration to new levels. Baader’s innovative new designs and features, together with the very latest thin film coating technologies, result in outstanding performance, efficiency, and image quality. Baader filters are unique, in that they utilize true optically polished flat substrates.

Ultra-thin precision cells deliver the maximum clear aperture and minimize vignetting. Ionbeam hardened coatings ensure your filter will withstand real-world use and repeated cleaning – they are tough enough to survive boiling water! The result is the most neutral and violet fringe-free views obtainable with achromatic telescopes. The unique properties of the Semi-APO filter significantly enhances views of Mars with ALL telescopes reflectors and all refractors , while maintaining a very natural appearance almost no color cast.


Career Report A rising career is the need of all. Due to cut throat competition and global changes there has become a sense of insecurity. If you are looking for job, or stating your own business, or not knowing how the things are going to shape up on the career front then this is best service which you can go for. Your horoscope would be made and the effects of the planets would be studied. The report would cover majority of the things.

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This is a complete and reliable tool to verify whether two horoscopes are astrologically matching. In Indian tradition horoscope compatibility between the bride and groom is essential for marriage. We have used the best available technology to provide a complete match making solution. We combined the knowledge of best vedic astrologers with the best software programmers in the country to program this match making tool.

Currently we offer this professional tool free of charge. However we appreciate your generous donations to maintain and improve this website. For detailed analysis of horoscopes and personal predictions, to get suggestions on dosha, parihara please use our professional paid service. The match making report is available in both south Indian and north Indian flavors.

In south indian style the ten matches 10 porutham is considered. In north indian style the eight kootas are considered. The total match points are

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Saturn Trine Uranus ! Consider this past year. Starting in December of , with a second push in mid-May, and through today, there has been an ongoing Trine between Saturn, the Great Teacher, and Uranus the Great Awakener. In a Trine, both planets get equal billing. Saturn tells us we must learn, grow, face Kharma and build appropriate structures in our lives based on what we are uncovering.

Uranus, on the other hand, throws us curve ball after curve ball, insisting that we wake up.

The time of the shadow of the Moon passing over the surface of the Sun will differ from this, so be sure to look that time up on the internet if you wish to view it.

Posted under Points What are they? The Sun and planets do not circle willy-nilly around the Earth. Instead, their apparent path around us inscribes a circle in the skies. This disk-shaped band of the sky is called the ecliptic. Astrology is geocentric, meaning that even though we realize the Sun does not orbit the Earth, the Earth is at the center of the astrological chart. Thus, Earth is our frame of reference. You could visualize them as two giant hula hoops, one inside the other, held at an angle.

The North Node is where the Moon crosses the ecliptic going toward the northern hemisphere, and the South Node is where she crosses the ecliptic headed south. The North Node and the South Node are always directly opposite one another in the sky. They make a complete circle through the 12 signs every 18 years. That is because the Earth, Sun, and Moon are lined up so precisely that a shadow is cast. What do they mean? These lessons almost always have to do with the way we connect with others.

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Education Horoscope Report If you want to know the ups and downs of your marital life or best or worst time of your marital life, then we could help you to over come your bad times and suggest you the remedies to over come the hurdles in getting married or to overcome the bickering in your married life. Know the best period for getting married. Ask for our Marriage Report, which will give you an update and provide you with facts of the future.

Using a random or other justifiable procedure, select a representative sample of units for a pilot test of intercoder reliability.

Login Welcome to the Astronomical Society of Victoria The Society is based in Melbourne, Australia and includes city and country members, as well some in other states and overseas. It attracts people with a wide range of astronomical interests, ages, abilities and experience. Originally founded in , it is the largest such organisation in the southern hemisphere. Membership is open to all with an interest in astronomy. Astronomy for the people Astronomy for the People is an ASV service providing telescopes for schools and public demonstrations.

Membership gives you access to the loan telescope program, ASV meetings and our pristine dark sky property. Image Gallery View astronomical images taken by members of the ASV – everything from the moon and planets to nebula and far away galaxies. The section is very active and new members are always welcome. In order to help the public of Victoria see the total lunar eclipse through large portable telescopes, the ASV will be on Princes Bridge, Melbourne, right over the Yarra River, from 9: This date coincides with a ‘Blue Moon’ and a ‘Super Moon’, but the real star of the show will be the eclipse – when the moon fully enters the earth’s shadow and the question of whether it will be a ‘Blood Moon’ or not, will be answered.

One telescope will be set up and dedicated so that you can take pictures with your phone.

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Just send us your birth details horoscope.

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