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To further that effort, today we are introducing similarity search on Flickr. In many ways, photo search is very different from traditional web or text search. First, the goal of web search is usually to satisfy a particular information need, while with photo search the goal is often one of discovery; as such, it should be delightful as well as functional. We have taken this to heart throughout Flickr. Second, in traditional web search, the goal is usually to match documents to a set of keywords in the query. That is, the query is in the same modality—text—as the documents being searched.

499 Project Topics for Computer science and engineering (CSE) List 1

United States Census Bureau. The Two or More Races Population: American FactFinder section; Hispanic or Latino site ‘.

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However, it is difficult to find agent resources quickly and position agents accurately and complete the system integration by the keyword matching method, due to the lack of clear semantic information of the classical agent model. An semantic-based agent dynamic positioning mechanism was proposed to assist in the system dynamic integration. According to the semantic agent model and the description method, a two-stage process including the domain positioning stage and the service semantic matching positioning stage, was discussed.

With this mechanism, proper agents that provide appropriate service to assign sub-tasks for task completion can be found quickly and accurately. Finally, the effectiveness of the positioning mechanism was validated through the in-depth performance analysis in the application of simulation experiments to the system dynamic integration. References [1] LU Hong-en. Dynamic service matchmaking among agents in open information environments [J].

Larks: Dynamic Matchmaking Among Heterogeneous Software Agents in Cyberspace

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In the 19th century, Mark Twain noted that: He has made a marvelous fight in this world… and has done it with his hands tied behind him. Ashkenazi Jews have continued to mentally out-compete other demographics since his statement, often suffering horrendous consequences for their toil. Here is a brief list of Ashkenazi accomplishments in the last 90 years. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is times greater than their population.

Hungary in the s: Jews were similarly successful in nearby nations, like Poland and Germany. His conclusion in various categories is: Ashkenazi Jews comprise 2. In this swamp-and-desert land had an impoverished population of , inhabitants. Israel rates 1st in the world in graduate degrees, 1st in museums, 1st in home computers, and 1st in publishing scientific papers.

Personally, I find the Nobel Prize statistic the most amazing. Without any help from AI… Sephardic Jewish achievement is represented in many of the categories above, especially in Nobel Prize statistics. When this article was originally published – in a shorter version, on August 7, by the Institute for Ethics in Emerging Technology ieet.

Semantic-based dynamic positioning mechanism for problem solving in multi-agent systems

Dynamic Semantic Matchmaking for Stream Data and Knowledge, UK For this scholarship students should have a commitment to interdisciplinary research and should have a strong background in computer science or a closely related discipline Study Subject: University of Aberdeen Level: The goal of the project is to develop novel ontological stream reasoning techniques to support dynamic semantic matchmaking, such as those needed in business networks. This PhD will explore the issues associated with ontological stream reasoning and dynamic semantic matchmaking, and in particular will investigate the role of novel reasoning techniques, such as faithful approximations, to support incremental reasoning, not only with stream data but potentially also with stream knowledge, and how to integrate and exploit an ontological stream reasoner in a semantic social network.

Evaluations of the project include the performance of the ontological stream reasoning services and its usefulness in the integrated semantic social network.

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, , 5 2:

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Semantic Matching

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Intech-semantic Matchmaking Algorithms

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Download Applied Dynamics: With Applications To Multibody And Mechatronic Systems

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CHI 2016 Technical Program Preview – Extended Version

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